Jessie Gunnard - Commercial Writer & Editor

Have a writing project on your plate?

Whether you’re time-crunched or short-staffed, need a fresh perspective or just want to get it done, I can make your life easier.

As a professional writer and editor, I help businesses, organizations and independent professionals meet their goals through the written word.

Let’s talk about how I can make you look good.

Take a moment to check out some examples of my work (science and technical samples are here). If you like what you see, let’s talk.

Jessie Gunnard


  • business, academic and scientific projects
  • reports and articles
  • brochures
  • profiles and interviews
  • product sheets
  • case studies
  • guides
  • white papers
  • conference materials
  • multi-authored publication management
  • proposals
  • book editing
  • presentations
  • press releases

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