Jessie Gunnard - Commercial Writer & Editor

Working Together

Do you need one-time or ongoing help
with written materials essential to your work?

Whether your goal is to increase sales, enhance your organization’s reputation or present your research, I can help.

As a professional copywriter with over fifteen years of experience, I can work with you to get it done efficiently, effectively and within budget. And you’ll look great.

How might we work together? It’s easy.

Check out some samples of my work. If you like what you see, get in touch and we’ll talk about your project and your business, organization or work. During the conversation I’ll ask a few questions and suggest how I can help. If what I have to say appeals to you, I’ll gather more information and provide a written estimate for the project within a day or two.

This bid letter will include turnaround times, due dates, project scope, revisions information and payment terms. Once we’re both satisfied with project parameters, we’re off and running, and you can be glad to know that your project is on its way to done!


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